Great British Lunchbox

Combine Food and Business Skills in this Unusual Team Building Event

 Are you looking for a team development activity which is different and challenging? A team development experience that will focus on your team’s dynamics as well as their business and creative skills? Look no further, you’ve found it right here!

The Great British Lunchbox is an exciting, innovative and enlivening team development exercise, which will provide the opportunity to practice a broad range of business, communication and creative skills. Successful teams will demonstrate many qualities including effective planning, time management, and role allocation

Your team will be provided with a verbal & written Quest brief; a range of culinary equipment (plus shared access to a highly experienced chef); design materials; printing facilities, internet access and a specified budget.

The Exercise Objective is: Teams have to develop, design, source, prepare/cook and present their own version of a themed ‘Great British Lunch Box.’ For example a healthy eating lunchbox for school children, or an executive lunchbox for business-people, or a vegetarian/vegan or wholly organic lunchbox.

In addition teams will have to decide on an appropriate brand name that links their product to their specific target audience, for example “Banquet in a Box” or “Desktop Deli.” The Teams will source ingredients and materials from local suppliers using a specified budget; cook / prepare the food; design prototype packaging and prepare accurate food labelling and product costs, and all within the exercise time limit.

Dependent on the time allocated for the activity, teams may also be tasked with further linked challenges, for example: Preparing and presenting a high quality sales pitch; developing point of sale promotions; designing concept boards for an appropriate advert, or preparing a TV commercial campaign.

The performance of the teams will be assessed against a number of set criteria to be agreed with the client. The activity will be preceded with appropriate team ice breakers and concluded by a full reflective learning review.

Importantly, the precise content of The Great British Lunchbox is flexible and is in part dependent on time available. A suitable venue with good access to all required facilities including local retailers and suppliers which will be sourced as part of the programme preparation and delivery.


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