Integrating Teams

A Great Team Building Event for Integrating Teams

The intended business impact and final outcome of this intervention is to illustrate that the achievement of common objectives often requires effective working by individuals and teams involving cross-working and co-operation between varieties of groups. In addition it will demonstrate the power of effective communication and taking a global view.

The aim and objectives of the 'Integrating Teams' intervention for the individuals and their team include the following:

For the individuals:

To provide a memorable learning experience which shows how team achievement of an overall objective often requires effective working and high levels of co-operation across a number of teams and in a variety of different contexts.

For the team:

This is an excellent way of reinforcing the vital message about the importance of collaboration within and between teams.

It can also powerfully illustrate the comparison within an organisation between vigorous and healthy competition amongst individuals and teams, with the advantages of collaboration and effective sharing of knowledge and experience to achieve common goals.

All of Quest’s Team Development Interventions are formed with the highly respected work of Dr Bruce Tuckman and his theories on Team Development Stages (TDS) very much in mind - the forming, storming, norming and performing model in particular.

'Integrating Teams' is a highly effective intervention for a team that is fairly new and working together for the first time. That stage of the teams’ development, TDS 1&2, the Orientation and Dissatisfaction stage, is where the lesson of effective collaboration partnered with managed competition needs to be learned for the first time.

The content and mode of delivery of 'Integrating Teams' will be structured in the following way: Quest use a very broad range of exercises and tasks that we call 'QUESTasks™' to help illustrate, bring to life and facilitate team development interventions.

All QUESTasks™ are great fun, and either physically or mentally (and usually both) challenging, and are designed to be run indoors or outdoors.

QUESTasks™ demonstrate and replicate the performance and behaviours that teams need to follow in the workplace as they strive to become super teams: effective communication; thoughtful role allocation; trust; managed delegation; planning and strategising to name but a few.

If there are some specific parts of team behaviour which you would like Quest to concentrate on for your specific programme, for example highly effective communication, we will ensure the chosen QUESTasks™ reflect that.

During a typical Integrating Teams programme Quest will take teams of approximately six people and these groups will take part in a range of QUESTasks™. They will progressively work their way through to the ultimate objective or task, which will be a finale specific to your company.

The teams will not only have to complete QUESTasks™ but also solve a myriad of other puzzles and problems to successfully work their way around a course, and initially they will think that they are competing with the other teams and behave accordingly.

Optimising the route of progression is part of the exercise; and gradually it will become clear to the teams that the competition between them will need to be subsumed to the broader need, to achieve the wider and final objective.

That final objective may be based around a giant puzzle, the creation of a corporate banner, a construction exercise or a number of other activities. Whatever is chosen for your programme it will finally be achieved by the teams that can effectively move from competing to co-operating and demonstrate effective division of labour and collaboration. 

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