Planet Quest

Environmentally Focused Team Building Event

Planet Quest is an environmentally focused team building programme that can encompass a wide range of activities designed to stretch the imagination and ingenuity of all participants. Below are some examples of the types of activity that can be incorporated into a Planet Quest programme.


Types of Activity

The Eco Challenge

An outward-bound challenge run over 1 to 3 days. Teams have to make a trade off between completing the challenge using fossil fuels, or using sustainable transport. Teams also have to generate their own energy throughout the event.

The Race to Recycle

A fast and furious race between the teams: they will be given a number of items to be recycled, for example: a plastic cleaning fluid spray bottle; a cardboard tissue box; and a tetra pak container. They will be quizzed on how they should be re-cycled and how many of each recycled item is required to make one new item. 

Who wants to be an Environmental Hero

Based on the popular television programme ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire?’

The client teams are shown a presentation containing numerous facts about recycling and Green issues.

As Quest run through the presentation the teams can make notes on the facts provided. These facts will be very helpful when you sit in the Who wants to be an Environmental Hero hot seat. If you get stuck on a question you can go 50:50, Ask Google, or Phone a friend.

Reuse and Repair

Presented with a variety of household objects, teams are challenged to create completely new items. For example, using old candle stubs, dye and bottle caps - can you make pretty and unique tea-light candles? Turn a broken picture frame into an earring holder? Or a bird bath from old clay flower pots?

Strange Powers

45,000 Maris Piper potatoes hold enough electricity to power a home for a year! Teams discover these and other hidden renewable energy sources and harness them through electricity generating challenges including turning a lemon into a battery…

Power Boat Racing

Using guides, teams design and build their own ‘green powered’ model boats. The resulting boat race will test the teams’ designs, creativity and choice of power

Natural Energy

Teams are challenged to utilise natural kinetic energy. Given blueprints for alternative energy devices, can they light up a box using water or air? Two teams go head to head!

What uses Watt?

An instructional challenge where teams battle against the clock to match up appliances with specific power usage and carbon outputs.

Know your Planet

It’s back to school for this challenge as teams discover interesting but worrying facts about the world’s ecology / environment.

TV Newscast

Teams prepare a short TV Newscast which has to deliver headline-grabbing reports on Global Warming


How does Planet Quest work?

Your organisation may wish to involve one team with all team members working together on one project, or you may wish to engage a number of teams who are competing against each other for a Winner's Trophy. The time you have available, may well be the deciding factor for which activity you choose. Flexibility is a key quality of the Planet Quest: if your time is limited, Quest will structure a programme to fit, and if two or more days are available, the team building benefits just get better!

You can choose your venue: Planet Quest can be run at your organisation's HQ or you may wish to set the team the additional task of finding a venue. Whatever you decide, Quest will be available to help. The cost of the programme will depend very much on your budget.


What does Quest provide?

  • Programme  set-up, facilitation & adjudication if relevant
  • Programme management expertise & guidance
  • A directory of relevant contacts
  • Technical support
  • Team development feedback
  • Insurance cover


What do the participants get from being involved?

A huge sense of fun and energy

A feeling of satisfaction from doing something worthwhile

Real life experience of alternative technology

Invaluable applied learning opportunities gained from a real life exercise, such as:-

  • Negotiation skills

  • Influencing skills

  • Delegation opportunities

  • Leadership opportunities

  • Decision making practice

  • Planning skills

  • Communication skills
  • Motivation skills

  • Customer service practice
  • Creative opportunities


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