Classic Car Cash Chase

A Classic High Octane Team Building Event

You may be familiar with Treasure Hunts and especially those involving cars, but this is a motorized treasure-hunt like no other.

This is the Quest Classic Car Cash Chase and it is memorable team building at its most elegant!

Here’s a flavour of how it works:


Win Your Wheels

You will meet Quest at an agreed venue, where not only will there be the usual pre-event refreshments and highly experienced team of event managers, but also a fleet of wonderful and nostalgia evoking Classic Cars.

Anything from the car of dreams which is the Jaguar E-type to a “my dad had one of those!” Morris Minor. (The choice will generally be yours in the pre-event planning).

Once coffee & pastries have been served, the sub-teams for the day announced, and a full event briefing & instructions pack delivered, the first challenge will begin.

Each team must win the car they will use for the day, and this will be achieved via various automotive based challenges: Anything from the cerebral Petrol Head Quiz to the physical down and dirty 4x4 Wheel Change.


Hit the Road

Once cars are allocated, all teams will be raring to get started.

Map reading (yes, using real maps, not smart phones) will be a key requirement, so the vital high-performing-teams’ skill of effective role allocation will need to be exercised quickly.


The Hunt is On!

The location in which to run the Classic Car Cash Chase will have been chosen for its scenic beauty, interesting roads and engaging towns, villages and places of interest.

Making the most of all of those features, the Car Cash Chase will incorporate trade-off decisions, strategizing, careful and considered planning, and a focus on accurate time management.

Cryptic clues, an on-line help desk, and phone call-centre will all contribute to make this a full on and action packed day.


Treasure Galore!

All of the items that have to found and photographed during the day will have an appropriate cash value.

Teams will need to bring back to the event HQ a selection of photographs, correctly answered questions, unusual items and key information.

All of those will be translated into their appropriate cash value, and as the event is brought to a close the winning team will be announced and prizes awarded.

Truly a day to remember!

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