Auction of Promises

Charity Fundraising Team Building Event

There are many ways that corporate teams can raise money for charity, but not so many that combine charitable giving with the training and development of teams. Designed to run over two-three days with an intervening period followed by one further day, this event for 10 ~25 people, is designed to fit with clients’ Corporate Social Responsibly aspirations in addition to delivering a challenging and rewarding team building activity.

Auction of Promises has a measurable aim of raising the most amount of money for a chosen charity, and teams will be able to compete with one another to achieve this. It is also designed to give the opportunity to practice:

  • Effective planning
  • Negotiation skills
  • Convincing communication skills
  • Efficient role allocation…………………..amongst many others

These objectives can be reviewed and appraised at the end of the programme.


How It Works

The team will be divided into sub-teams of four – five and provided with a full and clear verbal briefing supporting by detailed briefing notes.

They will be given a list of suggested ideas for items that will be attractive and are likely to sell in an auction of promises. They will also be given a list of likely places or people from where/whom to obtain those items. These lists are only suggestions, the demonstration of imagination, inventiveness and vision will be noted and rewarded as teams develop their own ideas.

Teams will also be given a list of suggested venues at which to run the auction, but again they will be encouraged to explore their own ideas for a venue.

Following the briefing, teams will then enter a planning stage, and all facilities and materials will be provided for this. The Teams will need to achieve a balance between allowing enough time for an efficient and SMART plan to be created, and leaving enough time to actually do what is agreed. 

Effective role allocation will be highly important to ensure that some of the team are sourcing auction items, others are investigating and negotiating with venues and at least one other is leading and coordinating all of the team’s work. In addition teams will be encouraged to source and confirm their auctioneer. Will it be one of them? Are they confident that one of their team has the necessary attributes to persuade attendees to part with as much money as possible? Do they know someone either inside or from outside their organization who could perform this all important role well? Do they know and could they persuade a celebrity to do this for them?

By the end of the two-three days the teams must have sourced all their items; secured a venue and potentially some catering at the lowest price possible; agreed on the base price for all their items and have invited and secured the maximum number of enthusiastic people to attend the auction. A challenging task.

The final part of this team building challenge, will take place on one further day, booked and agreed during the first part of the event.

On this final day the teams will be required to manage all elements of the venue relationship; set up their auction items and staging from which their auctioneer will operate; manage the arrival of their guests and allow sufficient time and space for the guests to look at all the auction items and then finally at the published time begin and conduct the auction.



This team build offers a significant challenge and will undoubtedly take some team members out of their comfort zone. However, it will also be an enjoyable and memorable experience which will deliver some significant developmental opportunities from which the learning and “take-back” to the work place will be extensive.

In addition it will provide a unique way for your organization to combine corporate social responsibility with training and learning: The sense of achievement and pride that will be experienced by all the delegates at having made a significant charitable contribution will be profound and long lasting.

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