Christmas Creations

A Creative Team Building Event for the Festive Season

This is another Quest team building activity that can be run exclusively indoors, and could even be delivered in your office!

As the name suggests it is designed to be delivered in the run up to Christmas and it has the benefit of being another event that can be easily used to support a charity of the local community. 



Christmas Creations has a number of key aims:

It will help develop a team, in particular building on levels of trust, encouraging effective communication and providing a perfect environment for team members to get to know one another away from the pressures of the workplace.

It will also enable teams to fulfill CSR responsibilities by contributing to charity.


How It Works

The overarching activity is for the team to produce a calendar that can be sold to friends, family and back at the office.

To re-inforce the festive theme of the event, the images that will appear on the calendar are of the team, but not just of the team: They will be images of the teams engaged in a range of creative Christmas themed activities. The teams will make:

  • Christmas Wreaths
  • Candles
  • Christmas Tree baubles
  • Festive chocolates, (complete with a masterclass in the art of chocolate tempering)
  • Christmas Crackers

All of the materials and equipment required for each of the craft makes will be supplied, and spacious work stations created. Expert guidance will be on hand from members of the Quest team to ensure the finished products look professional and beautifully complete.

As the teams work away on the Christmas craft makes, a professional photographer will circulate around each of the work areas and take a large number of images, both spontaneous and posed. These will be the images that will be used to create the calendars.

Dependent on the duration of the event, either a half or full day, teams will get the opportunity to circulate around a number of the craft makes to ensure there is variety for all.

At the event, Quest will complete two further tasks for the client:

  • All the images will be compiled and sent to the client to choose the best 12 that will be used to make the calendar. Once the client has made their choice Quest will send all the images to the calendar manufacturers and manage the proofing and delivery process to the client for them to sell.
  • All the Christmas crafts will be carefully boxed and delivered to the client’s offices so that they too can be sold along with the calendars to raise their maximum amount for a chosen charity



This is a real feel-good event, with some terrific benefits. The team will get the opportunity to work together on some challenges that are totally removed from the workplace. Whilst doing that they will be able to talk to and learn about one another, thereby greatly enhancing levels of trust within the team.

In addition they will be able to fulfill CSR responsibilities and offer some tangible financial help to their chosen charity. And if that wasn’t enough, each team member will have a team calendar as a lasting memento of the event. Happy Christmas! 

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