Mission Improbable

Action Packed Outdoor Team Building Event

Mission Improbable corporate events are action packed adrenaline filled days guaranteed to excite, energise & inspire your staff or clients. They give you the opportunity to leave the office environment behind and take on the role of becoming Government Agents undertaking a top secret mission.

The Mission Improbable programme typically takes place over one or two days and can be staged almost anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

The anticipation build up happens several weeks before the event. Quest HQ will send pre mission clues and top secret information by email, CD, DVD and dictaphone tape to secret agents who decipher codes, and use clues to unravel bits of information that will aid them in their mission... whatever that is!

This mission can take various formats:


  • Top Secret

According to the initial intelligence brief the saboteurs were going to pass the GXT52 prototype to foreign agents. The latest on the ground intelligence indicates that this hand over was unsuccessful. In a bungled operation the local security agency disturbed the hand over. In a rush to escape capture the saboteurs fled the site discarding the GXT52 components as they went. We understand that it is the saboteurs' intention to stage a last ditch operation to gain the components.

To obtain additional mission information you must visit location X. This site is under surveillance from the local Militia so take great care as you approach. Be careful to cover your tracks and leave everything as you found it.

Your mission should you wish to accept it is therefore to intercept this operation in order to safely retrieve the GXT52 components and to capture the saboteurs. Good Luck!


  • Search & Rescue

An eminent group of scientists set off on an expedition into the jungles of Wilt-sahara to recover a highly toxic substance. Contact has been lost with the group. The last radio broadcast went as follows:

Base : "Charlie Charlie One… this is Zero… send situation report… over"
Scientists : "Zero… this is Charlie Charlie One… current position unknown, believed to be north-west of the ancient stallion… We are being followed by unidentified group who we believe to be hostile… over"

No more was heard after this short broadcast. The 'hostile group' referred to is believed to be a splinter group from one of the local drug cartels. The cartels in the area are keen to recover the toxic chemicals for their own terrorist uses.

Your mission should you wish to accept it is therefore to rescue the scientists before it's too late. Good Luck!


  • Escape & Evasion

You will be dropped behind enemy lines and you have to make your way make to the safe house without being captured by a crack team of trackers. Stealth, excellent route planning, camouflage and concealment are key to your mission.


Event Detail

Dependent upon your specific requirements and budget the scope for this event is limitless. The following list is just an example of some of the activities and equipment that can be incorporated into a Mission Improbable event:

  • Quad bikes
  • Assault courses
  • Helicopters
  • Global positioning equipment
  • High ropes
  • Climbing and abseiling
  • Night exercises
  • Range shooting
  • Tanks
  • Speed boats
  • 4WD vehicles
  • Paintball
  • Jet skis
  • Canoes
  • Dictaphones and other spying equipment
  • Tandem freefall and much more


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