Chocolate Inspiration

Chocolate Inspiration Team Building Event

Chocolate is very very special, (in fact more than that for some people), and has been around for a very long time, amazingly as far back as 1900 BC. All of which leads Quest to believe that there is a valuable place for Chocolate in team building and in inspiring teams to work effectively together

Chocolate Inspiration is an offshoot of the highly popular Quest cooking team build, “Recipe for Success.” Unlike Recipe for Success, where we provide each sub-team with their own fully self-contained kitchen in which to work, Chocolate Inspiration can be delivered without kitchens or catering equipment, and can even be delivered on the clients own premises.

The following provides a plan for how your Chocolate Inspiration Team Building session will look:

The Chocolate Inspiration session starts with a briefing from our very own Quest Chocolatier. Sub-teams of 3-4 will then move to their preparation areas and start the Chocolate Inspiration team building session.

With all of the chocolate creations they produce the teams will have to produce a small sample for Team Quest to taste and score.

Chocolate Inspiration will comprise 4 stages.


Stage 1 - The Egg White Challenge

To start the session with energy and fun the sub teams will firstly complete The Egg White Challenge, an action packed and noisy competitive stage that will test nerve and trust.


Stage 2 - Chocolate Box Creation

The teams will be provided with all they need to make some highly professional boxes in which to place their finished confectionery.


Stage 3 - Chocolate Tempering

Tempered chocolate is the secret to professional chocolate products. Chocolate that has been tempered is smooth, with a shiny finish and a satisfying snap. A demonstration of how to work through the seven simple steps to producing beautiful looking tasty chocolate will be given, and the teams will then use this process to work through the other stages of the afternoon.


Stage 4 - Chocolates, Run Outs & Characters

With an initial demonstration from Quest, the team will work at producing their chocolates, chocolate shapes, and cartoon characters using tempered chocolate and piping bags.


Chocolate Inspiration can be run as a stand alone team building event or integrated with MBTI to give a shot for the taste buds and the brain! How better to develop and motivate your team? The MBTI element will be delivered by one of the UK’s top facilitators. 

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