Charity Gala Ball

A Perfect Team Building Event for Longer Development Programmes

Most of the team building that Quest delivers takes place over one or two days. However, longer programmes are far from unusual, and if you require a programme that stretches your team over a four or five day duration, a Charity Gala Ball could be just the solution.

Perhaps you’re involved with leadership training, or graduate development syllabus that needs a core focus or an exciting finale? Whatever your requirement, a Charity Gala Ball may well tick all the boxes.


Venue & Location

As you’ll see further into this outline, the location in which the programme is delivered is key. Once Quest have confirmed location with you, a suitable venue within that location will be sourced and all elements of the venue management will be delivered by Quest.


Arrival & Briefing

This is likely to be first thing on a Monday morning, although a Sunday lunchtime often works well, and provides a cushion of time for delegates to get settled and reacquaint themselves with colleagues and other delegates. Overall teams of between 15 and 25 are most effective.

Quest will then provide a detailed verbal briefing with relevant AV support and programme notes. The overarching brief is straightforward: From the end of the briefing until the programme finishes mid-morning on the Friday, the delegates’ challenge is to plan, co-ordinate, prepare, cook for, sell the tickets and deliver a spectacular gala charity ball for at least 80 invited guests. Wow!  


Role Allocation

The skills sets that are promoted by this programme are varied and extensive. The first task the delegates will need to address is that of allocating a wide range of roles across the team. Who will Project Manage; who will be in the catering team and who will make up the team selling tickets and marketing the event? These and other sub-teams will need to be agreed quickly to enable the process to make an efficient start.


Delivering the Project

The Quest team will comprise a range of expertise and key support: Included will be a highly experienced Chef; at least one team member with extensive experience of the catering and hospitality industry, and at least one highly qualified executive coach and development consultant.

This team will guide, assist and support, whilst ensuring that it is the delegates themselves that produce and deliver the Charity Gala Dinner. In addition Quest will provide a slick on-line payment system to ensure that guests can pay for tickets to the charity ball quickly and easily.


Further Programme Content

Whilst the delegates will have been set a major and challenging project, the programme is designed to allow for other elements to be included to maximise on the value of a five to six day investment.

Personality profiling has huge on-going development benefits, and will further enhance this programme; and experiential sessions involving communication and presentation skills will provide yet more constructive learning and take-back to the workplace.


The Night of the Ball

The location of this programme is as stated earlier, of great importance to provide a readymade guest list for the event. Whilst Quest will challenge the delegates throughout the programme, to expect them to be able to conjure up enough guests in under four days to deliver an eighty person plus gala ball would probably be a step too far.

However, by running the programme at a venue close to the head or a main office of the business, means that some essential pre-programme planning can take place, and colleague support at the ball can be relied upon.

On the night the delegate team will be able to impress those colleagues and seal an outstanding four day learning experience as they host a glittering black tie gala event; deliver a fabulous three course dinner; run an auction of promises and a range of other carefully chosen fund raising activities, and provide entertainment to ensure a night to remember, and a huge financial boost to a chosen good cause.

High value team development doesn’t get better than this!

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