The Big Team Cooking Showdown 

A TV Themed Food Team Building Event

Our fascination with food and drink just keeps on growing, turn on the TV at almost any time of the day or night, and a cooking show can be found on at least one channel. Some of those shows, like the one in the tent starring cake, err cakes and er .......more cakes have achieved almost cult status, others occupy a more niche position.

However whilst many feature celebrity chefs showing us how it’s done, and many more feature members of the public competing against one another (and going on to become celebrities themselves), and yet more feature celebrities showing us how multi-talented they are, Quest is aware of only one that focuses on teams cooking together and competing against other teams.

Now with Quest’s Big Team Cooking Showdown you too can take part in the action.

Nestling in the beautiful Marlborough Downs the stunning Wellington Barn is the main venue where the Showdown is staged. Each Showdown can be tailored to your exact requirements and this is how a day could look:


Arrival and Welcome     

As with all Quest events you’ll be sure of a warm welcome at Wellington Barn, tea coffee and delicious pastries will be waiting for you, and once you’re settled the Quest team will brief you on how your day will flow.


Your Objective for the Day

Is very straightforward, you will at an agreed time all sit down together and eat a mouth-watering three course dinner that you will have cooked, read on to find out exactly how.


It's a Cooking Competition

Just like on the telly, you will be set a number of competitive challenges. The final make up of these challenges will be agreed with you as part of the tailoring of the event to your specific needs, but this is a great example of how it might look


Challenge One ~ "Check Out the Larder"

Every good kitchen has a store cupboard or larder and a well-stocked fridge. Each one of the sub-teams will be provided with a complete set of identical fridge and larder ingredients. In addition to kitchen essentials such as a broad choice of spices and herbs, there will be some good flour and plenty of oils. With those essentials will be a range of dry ingredients such as polenta, rice and lentils, and on top of that some choice, (possibly unusual), fresh vegetables like squash, beetroot and kale. And finally some fridge ingredients will be provided, maybe some fresh prawns some salmon and how about some goats cheese!

The teams will then be given One and a quarter hours, and by the end of that time they will need to have produced a stunning starter, either cold so that it can be held in the fridge, or quickly warmed through just before service.


Challenge Two ~ "Impeccable Puddings"

No this isn’t out of sequence, but cooking the hot main course needs to be left until last. Each of the Quest judges will have chosen their favourite cold pudding, and they will want your teams to produce impeccable versions of one of those puddings in One and a half hours. All the teams will be provided with the ingredients to make for example a Lemon Meringue Tart or a Tiramisu. Which will they choose to make and will they be able to put the Pec in Impeccable?


Challenge Three ~ "Sunday Roast"

The chances are that the day of your Big Team Cooking Showdown event will not be a Sunday, but who cares, a roast is just such a great dinner it’s the best for any day of the week!

Once again all the teams will be given identical ingredients to cook their roast, and Two hours to do it. But which team will have the crackliest crackling, the crispiest roasties or the bounciest Yorkshires? By the time the teams sit down to eat and the mini samples are put in front of Chef and the judging panel, we will soon know the answer.

Come and try The Big Team Cooking Showdown, its fun, exciting and it’s a fabulous way for your team to work together away from the normal stresses of the office. We look forward to welcoming you to Wellington Barn.


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