Great London Challenge

Team Building Event Combined with World's Greatest Board Game

The Great London Challenge is a very cost effective team building programme, which can be run for either half or a full day. We recommend The Great London Challenge is run as an afternoon’s event that leads into a team social get together in the evening.

The Great London Challenge is: 

  • Great fun
  • Encourages communication
  • Competitive but in a non-serious and very enjoyable way
  • Is 'serious play'
  • Delivers a 'feel-good' factor
  • Provides teams with a great buzz, leaves them on a high.

Your group will be divided into teams and presented with their challenge, which under the title of 'The Great London Challenge' will in fact present the teams with five separate but interlinked stages. An outline of each of these five stages is given below:


Stage 1 Tourist Attraction 'Questopoly'

Each team will be given a control card listing famous tourist attractions around the city; each attraction will have been allocated a different purchase value, and a different rent value. The team will also be given a fun money budget that they will need to buy the tourist attractions or pay rent to other teams. The teams’ task will be to visit as many of those places as possible and buy them. Teams phoning the Challenge HQ on arrival at an attraction and declaring their wish to buy will achieve that. If they are the first team to arrive at that attraction they will be allowed to make their purchase and that money will be deducted from their budget. However, if another team has already been there and bought the attraction, then the next team who attempt to buy will in fact be too late and will be charged a rent by the owning team. Teams that successfully buy a full set of attractions can buy houses and hotels to go on their properties thereby increasing the rent value. Teams will be given a small real money transport budget to move between attractions, how they use that, be it on the underground, bus or the other myriad of transport options the cities offers will be their decision.


Stage 2 Photopoly Challenge

Each team will be given an additional list of sights. Whilst playing Tourist Attraction “Questopoly” they will also have to decide which other of these sights they should visit and photograph. Each site will be given a fun monetary value, and additional fun money will be awarded for unique or unusual photographs, for example a photograph not just of a guardsman on duty, but with a celebrity stood next to him. On arrival back at the Challenge HQ at the end of the event all of the fun money values of the Photopoly photographs will be totalled and added to all the rest of the fun money earned by the team.


Stage 3 Scavenger Hunt

Each team will be given a small real money budget and a list of items that they will have to bring back to the Challenge HQ at the end of the event. This will be a completely random and diverse list. Once again each of the items will be given a fun money value which will contribute towards each teams’ final scores.


Stage 4 QUESTasks™

This stage will involve the completion of certain QUESTasks™ that will be placed in locations in a number of the major parks. These are a wide selection of cerebral, spatial, logical and physical tasks that can take anything from 5 to 20 minutes to complete. Always challenging, they test the best of teams and are both fun and developmental. The teams will be provided with a list of the QUESTasks™ available to them, where they will be located and when precisely they will be at that location. Each QUESTask™ will only be at a given location, for a precise period of time. As with the elements of the other stages each QUESTask™ will be allocated a monetary value. However, the monetary value will be inflated compared to the other stages so that the QUESTasks™ act as a bonus if completed successfully. Teams will have to decide whether to divert from the activities of the other stages to attempt the QUESTasks™ or whether to focus on the other stages and not be tempted by bonus money.


Stage 5 'Get Out of Jail Free' & 'Chance' Cards

This is a new stage developed for City challenges. Quest use aerial photos and supply those to the teams in their information packs. The teams then have to use them to correctly identify certain landmarks, (no easy task), and then either use the correctly identified landmark to get a team member out of jail rather than paying the fine, or to successfully identify the location of the QUESTask™ used in Stage 4.


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