The Big Quiz

The Big Quiz Team Building Event

Put your knowledge and teamwork to the test with this hugely popular team building event which is great fun and very different from a normal quiz!

Ideal for an evening's fun, a conference energizer or a highly competitive (and hugely enjoyable) stage of a wider team build, the Big Quiz is a real hit.

Fast paced, highly interactive and tailored to the audience, the Big Quiz uses some themes from popular TV Competition shows; some favourites from the world of popular quizzes and plenty of multimedia.

The following provides a sample menu of potential Big Quiz Rounds from which clients can pick and choose to fit the time they have available, and the makeup of the team taking part.


Overall Structure

As the creators of probably the greatest ever board-game know, people love money and playing for money even when it's just of the make-believe variety. Throughout the Big Quiz the teams play for Big Quiz "Money," generally £50.00 for each correct answer.

Variety and fast pace are hugely important, so none of the rounds are overly long and they alternate between multiple choice and single answers. Audio and Vision Rounds also play a key part. Team sizes of between 3 and 6 work well.

Each round is scored as it finishes, and round scores and cumulative scores announced throughout the Big Quiz to build and sustain excitement and energy, and encourage "barracking" and "banter" between the teams. Examples of potential rounds are...

Million Pound Drop

These are run for two teams at a time at set intervals during the timespan of the Big Quiz. The round is announced and two of the teams move to the front of the room where £1m in £50 notes is stacked ready for them. Red “Drop Boxes” are laid out providing the area in which the teams will place their money bundles for each of the questions.

In highly authentic TV style, three possible answers will then appear on screen in front of the two teams. After a few seconds the question that corresponds to those answers will then appear on screen, and the two teams will then have one minute to decide which of the answers is most likely to be correct and then place their money bundles into the three drop boxes accordingly.

At the same time a “Playing Along at Home” option will be conducted for the teams not actually taking part in this round. Each team is given a white board and pens and they will write the answer they think is correct on their board and reveal it to Quest when asked.

Meanwhile as the on-screen clock ticks down the teams will make last minute frantic changes before the minute runs out, the incorrect answers are revealed, the lids on the drop-boxes representing the wrong answers drop, and that money is lost. Million Pound Drop Rounds create noise, activity and tension and can possibly move teams dramatically up and down the leader board.

Famous Faces

10 images of famous faces, some taken from unusual angles or in variable light are shown on screen and have to be identified in a short period of time, 15 seconds for each face. £5.00 is awarded for each correct answer.

Soundtracks Round

A single answer round, using the theme tunes from well known TV Shows, Films and TV Advertisements, which are played to the teams for 15~30 seconds. "£50.00" is awarded for each correct answer.

Questions of Sport

Employing the amusing and popular “Captains Challenge” a team member, not necessarily the captain is “volunteered” to represent their team by answering questions whilst performing a sporting skill at the same time £50.00 for each correct answer.

24 Hour News Round

A selection of news clips from radio or TV is played, and the teams have to identify what each one was about, and when it was broadcast. £50.00 for each correct answer.

Flags & Countries

A set of less well known country outlines and flags will be shown on screen, and the teams have to identify what countries they are and match the flags to the outlines. 

Face the Music

A selection of music, both completely current and classic is played for 15~30 seconds with £50.00 for each correct answer. Bonus questions can be added by asking questions such as how long was the piece of music at No1 or when was it composed? 

Can You Tell What It Is Yet?

Each team will be given a lump of modelling clay. They then have 3 minutes to make a mode of something like a donkey, a VW Beetle or a famous face (these are just a few possible examples). After 3 minutes they will bring their creation to the front, and Quest will score their efforts out of a maximum £50.00 using score paddles similar to those used by the judges with great effect on TV's Strictly Come Dancing.

Observation Round

5 short film clips are shown. 2 questions about that clip are then asked with £50.00 being awarded for each correct answer.

Plastic Cup Contortions

This is another round designed to get teams up and moving around. A set of 3 plastic cups will be placed at 3 different heights in front of each team at the front of the room. Teams will nominate a team member who believes they are the most flexible to come to the front and pick up the plastic cup with their teeth only. However the catch is that the team member has to bend to pick up, they cannot rest a hand/s on the floor, they cannot kneel, and they cannot squat.

Flexibility is the key. The cup highest from the ground will be the start point, and will have a £30 reward for successful pick up. Unsuccessful teams will be eliminated. The next lowest will earn successful teams £40.00 and the cups actually placed on the floor will earn £50.00.

Sing the Song

The lyrics of a well-known song will be handed out to each team, (a different song per team) and they will be allowed to peruse those for a short time. Then in the order in which they are currently situated on the leader board, with the bottom team going first, that teams' song will be played for 10 seconds, at which point the volume will go to zero for 10 seconds and the team will have to continue singing. 10 seconds later the volume will be returned to normal and each team who have managed to maintain the timing and beat of the song and are singing in the correct place will be awarded £50.00. 

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