Radio Times

An Acting Team Building Event but Without Cameras


In this highly creative team building event each team will represent a small radio production company pitching to broadcast a new radio drama on Radio 4.



The briefing requires the teams to produce a pilot episode of a radio drama.

  • The broadcast episode must be exactly 10 minutes in duration and must have a clear original plot and defined outcome.
  • It must feature a wide range of characters that can be easily audibly recognised. 
  • It must have a suitable theme tune, and a cast list read out by a continuity announcer.
  • Imaginative and appropriate sound effects that complement the drama and aid the listener's enjoyment and understanding must be delivered throughout. 
  • It can be serious, humorous, historic or current and aimed at a clear target audience ~ children, adults or families
  • If based on current or historic fact, those must be accurate and specific
  • The episode must include a cameo appearance of one of the team members playing themselves. 


How It Works

The teams will be given a detailed verbal and written brief. They will then be assigned to their work area, either part of a large plenary room in which all he teams will work, or a breakout room. They will be provided with all required audio and recording equipment, plus flip charts, pens, note paper and other useful stationary. 

The teams will be set a specific preparation time period, and as with real-life radio that time is crucial. They must be ready when live broadcast starts. The teams will get the opportunity to rehearse, record review their episode at least once prior to completing their final live recording. This enables the teams to fine tune their performance and perfect their sound effects.

At a specific time in the preparation period, the teams will be given access to additional items and equipment that will enable them to produce a wide range of sound effects.

In addition to recording the episode the team will need to create:

  • A who’s who of the dramas characters with a short synopsis on each one.
  • A photograph of the characters illustrating their look
  • A brief history of the drama which may include family trees, maps and any other materials which will help bring the drama to life.
  • A theme tune



Teams will be scored on the content and creativity of their drama episodes, and will score extra points for every realistic sound effect they include. The most professional and creative pitch package will be awarded the prestigious contract.

This exercise will challenge the team’s creative abilities and will help develop key skills such as effective communication, presentation skills, delegation, resourcing and time management.

The exercise is unique and tremendous fun and creates an enjoyable and memorable experience for delegates. The final productions will be uploaded on to the Quest website via a secure link so that the participants can share them with their colleagues, friends and family.

The format of the event is flexible and can be adapted to meet the specific requirements and objectives you have for your team. Its duration depends on the team’s requirements and availability but is typically from 3 hours to a full day. 

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