Capital Creation

Build Your Own City in this Imaginative Team Building Event

This is an event that takes place in and around central London.

The mission for you and your team is to “build” your own capital city by visiting up to 60 landmarks / tourist attractions / places around London (and referred to as “properties” throughout the team build).

This is a highly competitive activity and the winning team will be the one that creates the most valuable city.


How It Works

There are 60 properties divided up into sets. Each property has a unique value so the more properties you “buy” the more valuable your capital city becomes. To buy a property you must visit it and correctly answer the unique question that accompanies it.

You must collect at least one property from each of the sets to avoid a penalty. If you successfully buy all the properties in one set you will receive a bonus.

However, it’s not quite as straightforward as that, because before you can “build” your city with the properties you’ve bought, you need an area of land on which to “build” it, and this is where strategic planning comes to the fore.

Each property needs a specific acreage of land. You must therefore buy sufficient land on which to build each property in your capital city. The land is bought by visiting the Control Point (CP) in Hyde Park and tackling an additional challenge called ‘The Royal Park Land Grab.’

Depending on your team’s strategy you may use many different modes of transport to travel around London from Boris Bikes, Rickshaws or River Taxis to the more conventional modes of public transport.

To really keep you on your toes as you travel you will also be tasked to complete a set of cerebral and physical team challenges, situated at key locations for specific durations and carrying some significant bonus points.



In the process of taking part in this high energy and fast moving event you will see the very best places this wonderful city has to offer.

Whether you live and work in London or are based in another part of the country you will discover new parts of London and some of its hidden gems.

A recent participant of Capital Creation was quoted as saying...

“I have been living and working in London for 30 years and this event took me to so many fascinating places that I have never seen before”

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