Amazooming Race

A Fast Paced, Energetic Team Building Event

There are currently over 15,000 species threatened with extinction. Your team will race against time to save as many species as possible by visiting all four corners of the zoo.

During this race teams complete as many of the challenges located around the zoo as possible. The more challenges teams complete, the more endangered species will be saved. The team that has saved the most species by the end of the race will be the winners.

The duration of the race can be anything from one hour to a full morning or afternoon, depending on how much time you want to spend on your race. Teams will be deemed to have finished when they have returned as a complete team to the event HQ and have handed their team mascot to the Quest marshal at the finish. Penalties are imposed on late finishers.

In order to complete the challenges at an activity point, teams must be able to provide the Quest marshal with three things:

  • The correct coloured elephant token
  • The correct answer to a question
  • Your team mascot

The elephant tokens and questions for a particular challenge are obtained from the control board, the location of which is marked on the maps given to each team.

The elephant token must then be returned to the control board on completion of a challenge. A new token and the appropriate question for your next challenge will then be issued. This process is repeated throughout the race.

At each challenge there is an explanation of what teams have to do to save the endangered species together with the scoring system for that particular challenge.

The challenges are inspired by the exhibitions and residents of the zoo being used!

This event idea can also be used as a non team building corporate event which just allows your group to have a great time and cultivate some fun whilst doing something for a worthy cause or your favourite charity.

The Amazooming Race event can also be tailored to a zoo near you!

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