Rocket to Success

An Explosive Team Building Event

The Rocket to Success team building activity can be incorporated into almost any outdoor event and is a great way for tackling many different team development areas as well as letting your employees have some really explosive fun!

There are three parts to the Rocket to Success team building event which are:

  • Stage 1 - Inception of the Plan
  • Stage 2 - Preparation for Flight
  • Stage 3 - Countdown to Launch

The overall structure for the event is for each sub team of 5-7 to successfully collect the composite parts of an electrically fired rocket and the fuel needed to power it.

The teams will be set destinations in space of varying distances from earth as their ultimate goal, and the team that successfully builds their rocket and then earns the greatest volume of fuel will be able to reach the furthest distance, 'the final frontier', and be the winners.

Thanks to the spectacular and realistic way in which the rockets perform they provide a thrilling finale to an event.

This structure will facilitate an environment for the achievement of a very broad range of aims and desired outcomes from the event, whilst at the same time providing the opportunity for all the delegates to have a lot of fun.

This is one explosive team building activity that is sure to make your corporate event go off with a bang!


Stage 1 - Inception of the Plan

Following the announcement of the teams for the day’s activities, each team will be given their first set of instructions.

They will be free to study them and prepare within the confines of the time they have before the event starts. Those teams that have invested most wisely during that time will be ready to get started immediately.


Stage 2 - Preparation for Flight

A range of Quest's team building tasks, challenges and other exciting activities will be used during this stage of the team building event

Quest's team building tasks are always challenging. They test the best of teams and are both fun and developmental. The teams will work their way around all of the activities.

On successful completion of each activity, teams will earn the composite parts to make a fully working electrically fired rocket.

In addition to collecting the parts needed to make their rockets, the teams will need to obtain the fuel required to power their spacecraft. This stage of the team building event will be highly competitive.


Stage 3 - Countdown to Launch

As the teams successfully complete the activities they will gradually collect all they need to build a rocket and launch it into space.

Team Quest will then marshal the teams and in traditional ascending order, a chosen member from each team will join Team Quest at the launch pad.

The assembled teams will provide the “countdown” sequence and following an announcement of each rocket’s destination each one will be launched to bring this unique team building event brought to an impressive conclusion.

For your organisation as a whole the event will deliver the opportunity to practice and “have a go” at working together on challenging problems using both cerebral and physical team building tasks as well as other activities.

Problems, that whilst crucial to the Team’s performance in “Rocket to Success,” are far removed from the real issues and stress of the workplace where practicing at effectively working together is not an option.

For the Individual participants the event will deliver the recognition of the important and valuable contribution that can be made by individuals in achieving a common aim. It brings to the fore an awareness that people have the ability to perform effectively under time pressure.

There is also the opportunity to practice listening and general communication skills in a safe environment.

Above: Team photo with their rocket before it was launched



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