Rocket to Success

An Explosive Team Building Event

Model Rocketry is a fast growing hobby in the UK, and once you’ve witnessed a model rocket blasting away from its launch pad, you’ll want to see it again and again.

This Quest team building session gives you the chance to do just that, but with the added bonus of building the rockets and most importantly building your team too!



The core of the session requires the sub-teams of five to work at and complete a range of team tasks which will earn for them the pieces required to build an electrically fired rocket and the fuel needed to power it.

The sub-teams will have to consider very carefully how they manage that process and will have to come together successfully to finally achieve their goal.

Above: A team with one of the rockets they built shortly before it was launched!


How It Works

Rocket to Success will be divided into three stages:

  • Stage 1 - Inception of the Plan
  • Stage 2 - Preparation for Flight
  • Stage 3 - Countdown to Launch


Stage 1 - Inception of the Plan

A verbal and written briefing will be given to the sub-teams and then to start the session they will take part in an exercise called Designer, Builder, Supervisor (DBS), which is a classic communication exercise that requires the sub-teams to put into practice all that they think they understand about good communication skills, and complete a challenging practical task.

The completion of DBS will result in the composition of the sub-teams being changed, and consequently will provide a perfect real-life example to discuss how that change was greeted and managed to ensure long-term success. The new sub-teams will then move on to:


Stage 2 - Preparation for Flight

Quest will use a combination of our range of team challenges, called QUESTasks™. These are a mixture of mildly physical and cerebral problems that test the best of teams and are both fun and developmental.

The teams will work their way around the QUESTasks™ and on successful completion of each one they will earn the composite parts to make a fully working electrically fired rocket.

In addition to collecting the parts needed to make their rockets, the teams will need to obtain the fuel packs required to power their spacecraft. This part of the Stage will again drive the teams to balance and make decisions about competition and collaboration.


Stage 3 - Countdown to Launch

As the teams successfully complete the QUESTasks™ they will gradually collect all they need to build a rocket and launch it into "space". They will then be provided with the equipment and materials to complete the construction and a work space in which to do it.

Once all of the rockets have been correctly made to the exacting specification of Quest, the sub-teams will be directed to the launch area and a nominated team member will join Quest at the launch pad. The assembled teams will provide the “countdown” sequence and each one will then be launched and the session brought to an impressive conclusion, as the clip below shows in spectacular style! 



Creating memorable experiences is integral in the process of delivering long-lasting team development, and take-back to the workplace.

The launching of model rockets is nothing if not memorable. Attendees will long remember the views they had of their rockets blasting into the sky and with those memories will associate what they learned about their team and the most effective ways of working together.

This is a real blast of a team build!


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