City Challenges

City Challenges for Corporate Team Building

Quest's team building programmes that make the very best of some of the most vibrant cities in the UK and Europe include:



Based on the world famous board game, this is one of Quest’s most popular and cost effective team building events that can be delivered in many different towns and cities. Enjoyably competitive, delegates will discover latent skills in themselves and their colleagues.


Great London Challenge

The Great London Challenge is the most popular of Quest’s city challenges. Many elements of Questopoly are included, in addition to other features that only London can offer. A great event for practicing a range of team and interpersonal skills in a relaxed and very enjoyable way.


European City Challenges

European City Challenges are based in the European city of your choice, and are similar in content to the Great London Challenge. Most recently Quest have run these fun but developmental challenges in Prague, St Helier and Lille.


Capital Creation

An event designed for the centres of large cities Your objective is to “build” your own capital city. You will achieve that by visiting and buying up to 60 landmarks/tourist attractions/places (“properties”) around the city. You then have to acquire the land on which to build those properties and create your own city. This is a team build that promotes effective strategic planning and assured trade-off decision making.


Other City Programmes

Some other city or urban based interventions include: 


Community Projects

Team building enables organisations to develop their teams and their community links! Worthy community projects abound; Quest deliver fully integrated packages that will develop your team and create long term community bonds.


SPEED - Race Against Time

A fun, challenging, dynamic, multi-stage, multi-venue team development exercise! The clock is ticking on a range of challenges. Stop the clock, before the clock stops you!


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