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Team Development Competitions and Challenges

On this page you will find a range of competitive and challenging programmes and events from the straightforward fun of 'It’s a Knockout' to the highly stimulating 'The Team Quest'. 


It's a Knockout

With everything retro from 60's telephone handsets, to 40's style DAB radios and vinyl LP's in huge demand this is your chance to take part in some retro style team building! This is a terrific fun event very similar to the 70's and 80's hit television programme, involving many oversized challenges including the hilarious giant inflatables. Totally mobile, it is a great breakout for a conference.


Mission Improbable

Mission Improbable events are dynamic adrenaline filled days guaranteed to excite, energise & inspire staff or clients. They provide the opportunity to leave the office environment behind and take on the role of Government Agents undertaking a top secret mission.



Based on the world famous board game, this is one of Quest’s most popular and cost effective team building events that can be delivered in many different towns and cities. Enjoyably competitive, delegates will discover latent skills in themselves and their colleagues.


Charity Challenges

Events designed for large groups to help organisations meet their corporate social responsibilities and achieve strategic corporate objectives. Charity Challenges also enable charities to strengthen bonds with the corporate world.


The Team Quest

These competitions test teams physically and mentally through a wide range of outdoor activities and problem-solving tasks. They focus on five key areas; skills, teamwork, strategy, experience and fitness. The Team Quest is the ultimate corporate challenge. Please contact us for further details about The Team Quest.


Adventure Racing

Quest’s adventure race series, questars, is the UK’s biggest one day series. Designed for novices and masters alike in some of the UK’s most stunning countryside, it includes mountain biking, trail running and optional kayaking.


The Big Quiz

Ideal for an evening's fun, a conference energizer or a highly competitive (and hugely enjoyable) stage of a wider team build, the Big Quiz is a real hit. 


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