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Conference Breakout Sessions for your Delegates across Europe

When conferences and meetings need a lift, Quest can deliver the perfect breakout session to get your team buzzing again! Below are some ideas...


Bespoke Events & Team Building Programmes

Quest specialises in delivering bespoke team building events all over the world and in some very quirky locations. How about a Tall Ship, The Globe Theatre or even a Nuclear Bunker!


Bigger Picture

A team development exercise that focuses on recognising the importance of the 'bigger picture' in any team, management or leadership situation whilst at the same time initially engaging team members in the fine detail of the team exercise. The exercise requires collaboration, team work, planning, negotiation and effective communication as well as creativity (and potentially some artistic flare!)


Conference Coordination

Attention to detail is key to your next conference. Quest has over 13 years experience of attending to every detail from original concept to transport home. Innovation, imagination and flair separate Quest conferences from the rest. 


Pyramid of Success

This hugely popular time constrained task is based on the theme of integrating smaller work teams into one effective organisational team through effective communication and resource management.


TV Newscast

The ideal team building session for large teams: Over three hundred people is achievable for this highly informative, dynamic and fun team activity. TV Newscast can run for between two and four hours, ideal for conference breakouts or as part of a longer team building programme. Using a detailed brief, TV Newscast challenges sub-teams of up to 25 people to devise, produce and deliver a high quality, seven minute television news show live to assembled cameras. This team build is perfect for a broad range of teams.


Recipe for Success

Have you have ever wondered about the Recipe for Success of a really great restaurant? This team event gives you the opportunity to find out the answer. Your team will be given all you need from a cash budget to a fully equipped kitchen and dining room to run your own restaurant for a half or full day.


Acting on Change

A team building programme that brings out the actors in your team! Change management is the key focus, but a whole range of team building issues can be addressed through this highly dynamic intervention.


Great British Lunch Box

Is an unusual team building exercise that challenges your team’s business and creative skills. The Great British Lunch Box is exciting, innovative and developmental, and provides an ideal environment in which to practice effective planning, communication and leadership.


The Big Quiz

Ideal for an evening's fun, a conference energizer or a highly competitive (and hugely enjoyable) stage of a wider team build, the Big Quiz is a real hit. 


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