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Food and Drink Team Building Programmes

Food and drink, two topics we love to talk about. Quest can go one better, on this page you will find our mouth-watering range of food and drink themed team building programmes. Fancy a taste?  


Recipe for Success

Have you have ever wondered about the Recipe for Success of a really great restaurant? This team event gives you the opportunity to find out the answer. Your team will be given all you need from a cash budget to a fully equipped kitchen and dining room to run your own restaurant for a half or full day.


Charity Gala Ball

If you want to take part in a team build that not only helps to strengthen your team, but also raises money for charity, this could be the perfect answer. These events are a big challenge for big rewards. Take a look.


The Big Team Cooking Showdown

The latest TV show to feature cooking as a competition hit the screens in summer 2017. Now thanks to Quest you and your team have a unique opportunity to enter the barn, don the apron and have a go at impressing the judges. Huge fun and a terrific way to build your team.


Chocolate Inspiration

Chocolate has been around for millennia, but the fascination and love for this almost mystical food never wains. This half or full day team event gives you and your team the opportunity to temper, mould and make your own chocolate, and if you can resist temptation take it home at the end of the day.


Great British Lunch Box

Is an unusual team building exercise that challenges your team’s business and creative skills. The Great British Lunch Box is exciting, innovative and developmental, and provides an ideal environment in which to practice effective planning, communication and leadership.


Wine Tasting

A terrific way to bring a busy conference to a close, and a super bridge between the day’s business and a team dinner in the evening. A great way for teams to really get to know one another in a most convivial style.


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