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Outdoor Team Building Programmes

Sometimes only 'the great outdoors' will do. Sample some of Quest’s outdoor team building programmes below, and get a dose of fresh air.


Rocket to Success

A super charged team building intervention to help your corporate event perform with a bang! This programme can be incorporated into many outdoor events and is ideal for addressing a range of team development areas whilst letting your employees have some really rocket fuelled fun!


SPEED - Race Against Time

A fun, challenging, dynamic, multi-stage, multi-venue team development exercise! The clock is ticking on a range of challenges. Stop the clock, before the clock stops you!

Integrating Teams

A classic team building programme that perfectly demonstrates the necessity of collaboration and co-operation between teams.


Offshore Sailing

Sailing provides a terrific opportunity for team development. Sail changing, man over-board drill, mooring and challenges like blindfold helming test team’s planning, communication, organisation and interaction.


The Team Quest

These competitions test teams physically and mentally through a wide range of outdoor activities and problem-solving tasks. They focus on five key areas; skills, teamwork, strategy, experience and fitness. The Team Quest is the ultimate corporate challenge. Please contact us for further details about The Team Quest.


Adventure Racing

Quest’s adventure race series, Questars, is one of the biggest in the UK. Designed for novices and masters alike in some of the UK’s most stunning countryside, it includes mountain biking, trail running and optional kayaking.


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