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Dragons Den

Quest’s Dragons Den is an authentic team development activity: The delegates work with real small businesses, which are currently trading profitably. Consequently the activity is not contrived and the business pitches are based on fact. Each sub-team is given a brief history of “their” business and with that information, they must create new services or products that will enable the business to grow. Authenticity is completed at the end of a very busy day when real Dragons will judge the activity and confirm whether they are in or out.


Team Apprentice Selling

Is another team activity delivering real business experiences. It can take a number of formats, but all require the delegates to work with real cash budgets and commodities.

One format includes running a market stall on one of London’s famous markets such as the Portobello Road. Teams will source and negotiate the purchase of their stock before selling it from their stalls. The key objective is to make a profit which can then be donated to charity.


The Negotiator

Another opportunity for teams to work on authentic challenges, and out-perform teams on the well-known TV show. Using a list of very specific and obscure items, teams must first locate and source, before negotiating the very best purchase price. This is a competitive exercise providing teams with an outstanding opportunity to practice effective negotiation, planning and presentation techniques plus many other business skills.


Trading Places

Trading Places is a fast paced team build based on currency trading and property development in the volatile new global economy.

The prophetic statement, “A week is a long time in politics,” still holds true in the 21st Century. Trading Places lasts precisely 168 minutes - one “week” of 24 minute “days”. The team’s ultimate objective is a construction exercise, but before that can happen a huge amount of world travel, foreign trading and positive responses to our ever changing 24-hour rolling-news world must occur.  Excellent strategies, flexible reactions and effective communication plus much more will be key for success.


TV Newscast

The ideal team building session for large teams: Over three hundred people is achievable for this highly informative, dynamic and fun team activity. TV Newscast can run for between two and four hours, ideal for conference breakouts or as part of a longer team building programme. Using a detailed brief, TV Newscast challenges sub-teams of up to 25 people to devise, produce and deliver a high quality, seven minute television news show live to assembled cameras. This team build is perfect for a broad range of teams.


Radio Times

In this highly creative team building event, each team will represent a small radio production company pitching to broadcast a new radio drama on Radio 4.

Provided with all necessary audio and recording equipment, and working within a set production period, the teams must be ready when the studio goes live to deliver a 10 minute episode of a brand new radio drama.

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