The Negotiator

A Team Building Event to Out-Perform the TV Teams



Just as is seen on a very well-known TV Series, The Negotiator team build activity is designed to provide teams with the opportunity to practice some key business skills, communication, negotiating and planning, being high on the list. The unique point about the Negotiator is that in addition to providing your team with the chance to practice and learn, this activity can also provide your business with the opportunity to make a generous donation to your chosen charity. 



Your team, working in sub-teams of three ~ five will be given a fixed cash budget and a specific list of items they have to purchase. The aim of the team build is two-fold:

Firstly, the teams must locate and source the items on the list, working within a fixed geographic area in your chosen city.

Secondly, having located where each item can be purchased, and travelled to that location they must negotiate with the retailer to obtain the very best purchase price, and certainly a price below recommended retail price. Utilizing all of the teams negotiation plans and skills and linking their charitable objectives will be the route to success.


How It Works

The Negotiator is a competitive exercise. Strict time deadlines are set, and the teams will be scored on the number of items successfully sourced; the prices they manage to negotiate verses recommended retail price; the number of items purchased and the adherence to times.  Failure to source an item/items will result in penalties. An example of the sort of unusual items on the team’s purchase list is:


  • 200g of Coolea
  • Stylophone Beat box
  • Joby GorillaTripod
  • Knog Knog Light – Single Strobe



This team building activity provides teams with a range of learning opportunities, in addition to being able to take part and enjoy an entertaining and memorable experience. At the end of the event, teams have the opportunity to sell the items they have worked so hard to purchase either back at the office, or in an auction at a post team build dinner/party, and all money raised can then be donated to charity.




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