Environmental Corporate Team Activities

The environment and our effect on it is top of everyone’s agenda. Quest's range of environmental based programmes are shown below, and are designed to raise awareness and help fulfil your team building requirements.


Planet Quest

Planet Quest is an environmentally focused team development event that can encompass a wide range of activities designed to stretch the imagination and ingenuity of all participants.  


Build a Garden Challenge

Quest works with numerous charities running many community projects. This particular challenge will deliver for your organisation in two ways: It will fulfil your corporate social responsibility and help the environment.


Amazooming Race

An amazing venue, an amazing event. Based at a zoo of your choice, teams will race against time completing challenges across the zoo to save as many endangered species as possible. The more challenges completed the more species saved. Which team will win?  


TV Newscast

The ideal team building session for large teams: Over three hundred people is achievable for this highly informative, dynamic and fun team activity. TV Newscast can run for between two and four hours, ideal for conference breakouts or as part of a longer team building programme. Using a detailed brief, TV Newscast challenges sub-teams of up to 25 people to devise, produce and deliver a high quality, seven minute television news show live to assembled cameras. This team build is perfect for a broad range of teams.


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