Recipe for Success

Team Building Cookery Challenge

Food, whether it’s fast or slow, home-cooked or ready-packed, expensive or cheap, is never far from our thoughts and talked about almost as much as the weather. Lots of restaurants come and then go worryingly quickly, but the great ones stand the test of time and become favourites with many.

What is it about those great restaurants that makes them so good, what is their……. Recipe for Success?

Without doubt one of the things that makes them great are the teams that run them, and now with  Quest’s Recipe for Success team building event you can get a feel for what it takes to run a restaurant for a day.

Working from one of a number of beautiful countryside venues you’ll need to manage a finite budget, make informed purchasing decisions and make the very best of the culinary skills of your team. Each Recipe for Success event will be tailored to your exact requirements, but this is how your taster day as a team of restaurateurs could look.


Arrival and Welcome     

As with all Quest events you’ll be welcomed with tea, coffee and delicious pastries and once you’re re-charged with caffeine and cake, the Quest team will brief you on how your day will flow.


Your Objective for the Day

You will be given an agreed amount of cash, typically for each sub-team of 4~5, £65.00. Using that fixed budget you will plan, shop, prepare, cook and serve a three course dinner for your team, and taster dishes for Chef and the Quest facilitators. Each dish you cook will be awarded a sale price and extra income will be earned through a variety of methods including cooking extra courses and the use of local produce. You’d better be able to take the heat because you’re going to “run a restaurant” for the day! Here’s how:



All good teams understand the importance of planning and especially of flexible planning. You’ll be provided with a large selection of recipe books, laminated cards and of course you’ll have access to the internet. You’ll need to rapidly confirm the cooking skills in your team and allocate roles, and once you’ve decided what you’re going to cook you’ll need to ensure your plans can be swiftly and effectively modified or even changed………..the day has only just begun!  



Cooking great food and selling it at great prices sounds like success, but if the initial purchasing of ingredients and stock is uncontrolled it counts for nought.   Quest will provide information on a broad choice of local food retailers, everything from supermarkets to artisan specialist shops selling a huge range of organic and locally produced food. You will be able to sell your food at higher prices if supplies from the artisan retailers are used, but will your higher sales prices outweigh those of the food retailer?



Once you’ve returned from purchasing, there will be a lot to do. Will some of your team have remained behind during purchasing and ensured everything is ready for a swift start once the purchasing team return, or will you be starting from scratch?



The pivotal point of the day. Who will be the Exec’ and who will be the Sous-chef and who is running pot- wash. All very different roles, but none can succeed without the others. Quest’s very own Chef will be on hand to advise, assist and maybe even rescue, but he won’t be there to cook. This is team-building come to life.  Timing will be crucial to ensure that all elements of dinner come together at the right time, will the soufflé rise or the au-gratin potatoes curdle? When the command, “Service” goes out will your restaurant be ready, or will the “customers” be kept waiting?


Eating and Financial Results

Once the sample dishes have been prepared for tasting, it’s time for the social element of the event to commence.  You will by then have done all that’s required, and a glass of wine will be high on the priority list, before sitting down together with all the teams to enjoy the food you have cooked.

Whilst the teams are eating and celebrating the day, Chef and the other Quest facilitators will in true Master Chef style sample all that’s been cooked and award scores on presentation, taste and complexity. They will then look at the financials and your spend verses income. By the time you’re about to start pudding, Quest will be ready to deliver a full set of financial results and announce the winners.

Whether you’re a budding restaurateur in waiting or simply looking to put your team through some highly realistic team building Quest’s Recipe for Success is just what you’re looking for.


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