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Team Development is an invaluable tool in the training plans of many successful companies, and when thoughtfully planned and delivered is excellent in helping companies retain their cutting edge. Many team building interventions focus on getting the participating team / teams to complete abstract tasks, but all have one thing in common: They take teams away from the workplace and put them into a simulated environment to recreate workplace-like issues but in a very untypical workplace manner.

'Team Apprentice Selling' is different. You have seen the TV programme, now your team can participate and hear those immortal words ‘You’re Hired!’

Team Apprentice Selling puts the delegates into a totally authentic situation, and one that involves real money and the requirement to create a real profit. Whilst it is highly realistic, at the same time it provides the opportunity to practice and hone many elements of effective team behavior inherent in all of Quest’s activities. For example:

  • Planning
  • Delegation
  • Role allocation
  • Decision-making
  • Trust
  • Communication

The event is also highly enjoyable, a great deal of fun and importantly provides the opportunity to raise money for a chosen charity.


The Activity

Team Apprentice Selling takes place over a day and a half, divided into four connected stages:

  • 1. Business Presentation (The team briefing stage)
  • 2. Team Planning
  • 3. Buying Stock
  • 4. Selling

At the end of the selling period on day two, the teams will report back to the “boardroom” for the final results, and to be told which of the teams is hired!

Stage 1 Business Presentation

Takes place after lunch on day one. All of the delegates, dressed in normal business wear, will assemble in the “boardroom,” and be briefed by the Team Quest event director, on what the next 24 hours will involve. The delegates will be placed in their teams and given their detailed briefing document, an envelope containing £350.00 in cash, and directions to their team breakout room, where they will have up to two hours to conduct their planning for the following day.

Stage 2 Team Planning

This stage is highly important for the teams. They will need to:

  • Plan their sales and marketing strategy
  • Consider and manage logistics
  • Analyze the teams’ skills and experience
  • Allocate roles
  • Plan their time

Stage 3 Buying Stock

A pivotal stage! The teams can arrive at New Covent Garden Flower market any time from 03.00 hours in the morning, where they will be greeted with a stunning display of colour choice of cut flowers. Their strategy, planned the previous afternoon, will immediately be put to the test.

Once the teams have bought their stock they will then check their selling plans and how they will maximize the effectiveness of the display equipment provided by Quest, some of which is free some  of which has a price. Once all of their final preparation is complete it will be time to travel to their selected and licensed market pitches.

Stage 4 Selling

Following all of their preparation the teams now have to perform in the crucial stage of the event. They may have planned thoroughly, put together a winning strategy and purchased wisely, but they must now sell all of their stock at a healthy profit, and in a limited time slot.

The possibilities are huge, but their sales performance must be spot on.


Observation of the Teams

Throughout the day, Team Quest and the event sponsors will tour the market pitches, observe performance, note tactics and observe all of the teams in action. Those observations will be considered when finalizing results at the end of the day.


The Results

Not only is top performance needed in all of those 4 stages, but consistent and accurate time management needs to overarch all that the teams do. As with all the tasks that Sir Alan Sugar sets in the TV show, carefully following instructions and knowing how far boundaries can be pushed and tested, are vital skills.

The tension will mount as Quest and the sponsors leave 'the boardroom” to make a final decision. When the teams feel that they can’t take the tension for a moment longer Quest will return, and addressing the winning team will deliver the famous words:

“Team A…         You’re Hired!”


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