SPEED – Race Against Time

Speed – Race Against Time Team Challenge

SPEED – Race Against Time is a challenging, fun and highly dynamic multi-stage, multi-venue team building exercise involving the whole team competing against Team Quest. Following an initial briefing and issuing of the instructions in the HQ, Quest will start a giant countdown clock which is linked to an explosive device! The team’s objective is simple – you will have 6 hours (timing is flexible - can also be run as a ½ day programme) to complete a series of challenges / QUESTasks to stop the clock or BOOO…OMM!!!!!!

Team Quest will facilitate, manipulate and at times contrive the programme to challenge the team in many different ways, but ultimately the team’s success in the Challenge is down to the their own performance. The challenge programme will start with an exercise that engages the whole team at the HQ venue. The Team will then set off in delegated sub-teams to several venues to complete a series of challenges / tasks that engage and involve all, whilst catering for a complete range of abilities and interests. Ultimately the whole team will have to return to the HQ and complete the final challenge in order to stop the clock and diffuse the explosive device.

From the very first minute of the challenge the team will become self managing, having to establish a coordinating / management group, specific challenge / task teams, and delegating and communicating complicated instructions in an effective and efficient manner. You will have a budget and team transport provided, however these will have to be coordinated and managed by your team – oh and expect the unexpected from Team Quest!

SPEED – Race Against Time is a fantastic fun day’s team building challenge. However it also creates a very real multi-faceted learning opportunity for the whole team, whilst working together under time constraints and the pressure of defusing the devise – are you up for the challenge?!

Programming by Switch Systems

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