TV Newscast

A Team Building Event Based on Our 24-Hour News Culture


You can only imagine the pressure, second to second time management, behind the scenes leadership / communication, and adrenalin rush of presenting live on air, until you have stood in the spotlight in front of camera.

Quest's ‘TV Newscast’ is a fun and fast moving team development programme which explores and challenges individuals and team performance across a whole range of team dynamics and behaviours, whilst promoting positive interaction, integration and the enjoyment of working together.

The TV Newscast programme is a flexible format that provides a terrific medium for:

  • The integration of new members of staff into a team
  • The development of positive, dynamic leadership and delegation
  • The development of effective resource and time management / working under pressure
  • Improved task awareness and communication across team
  • Improved awareness of each others personality types, skills, strengths, roles and responsibilities
  • Better interdepartmental / role links and working together

TV Newscast is a fun and interactive session that engages the delegates whilst potentially delivering the opportunity for links with a new product launch or the introduction / development of key business values and objectives.

Typically the programme runs for half a day, but as with many of Quest's interventions this is flexible and can be adapted to suit your specific needs.


The Programme

The TV Newscast programme objective is to script, prepare, produce and present a high quality news and features programme for a 'local television company'. The programme is recorded live for distribution as a sampler to other interested local networks.

Learning Objectives

To explore individual and group self awareness and skills profiles, whilst working together in unfamiliar roles and relationships; to experience the integration of sub teams into a single performance team; to explore alternative ways of working; to expose hidden talents, skills and abilities; to further get to know each other in a challenging, performance based and enjoyable scenario.

Task Description

Delegates will be divided into teams or for small groups work as one team depending on numbers. Each team have to develop a TV Newscast production that will be broadcast on live TV .The task brief will clearly identify key elements of the broadcast, place additional time constrained challenges on team members, and will demand high levels of effective teamwork.

Following the live broadcasts and a break, the intervention is debriefed by Team QUEST facilitators through a reflective self review / feedback session, highlighting key learning from the exercise and how this may be taken back into the work place. This may include watching the videoed broadcast, or this may be saved for a fun review in the bar / evening.


TV Commercial

A similar intervention to the TV Newscast but teams have to put together a professional commercial rather than a short news programme. This can be run as a stand alone programme or as part of the TV Newscast programme above.


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