Daniel Carrivick

Daniel is the most recent member of The Quest Team. He joined the company in 2008 from Imperial College, London where after graduating he went on to do some contract work and a PhD in structural geology.

Whilst at university Daniel undertook a number of expeditions to some of the more remote parts of the world. Having made attempts on unclimbed 6000m+ mountains in the Indian Himalaya and Bolivian Andes, Daniel went on to organise and lead a succession of expeditions which saw him, together with other students, make an unsupported crossing of the Greenland ice cap, summit several unclimbed peaks up to 6450m in central Tibet and construct a 37m span suspended footbridge across the North Rukuru River in Northern Malawi.

Daniel has a wealth of knowledge and experience from both competing in adventure races and managing different types of student events, which he will use to benefit Quest. In 2006 he won the questars series in the first full season in which he competed in questars races.

Daniel has a passion for the great outdoors what ever the weather! He regularly takes part in a range of mountain sports from climbing to skiing, and he is a keen runner with a sub three hour marathon personal best.

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