Janice Lee

Janice has been an associate part of The Quest Team for the past eight years as one of our key facilitators / coaches for high level team development and leadership skills.

Janice graduated from UWIST with a degree in English Literature and joined British Home Stores as a graduate management trainee in HR. After seven years Janice had progressed to the top of her profession within that organisation and was HR manager of the company’s flagship store in Milton Keynes.

In 1991 Janice joined the Scott’s Hospitality Group as HR manager in one of their hotels in the West Country. In that role Janice took on increasing responsibilities for training and development. In 1992 Scott’s moved from Holiday Inn and took on the UK Marriott Hotels Franchise. At the end of that year Janice was selected by Marriott Hotels to join their International Training Team and delivered programmes in the USA and across Europe.

Following a career break to start a family Janice started her own company Leeward Training and Facilitation, delivering training and development programmes. Initially this focused on the hospitality sector, but in the past eight years has expanded into the construction and financial services / banking industries, in addition to working increasingly with Quest. Janice is qualified to deliver MBTI Step l and Step ll & MBTI Teams, and is also qualified from Oxford Brookes University as a Business Coach and Mentor. In sixteen years in the business Janice has earned an impressive reputation for her highly energetic, effective and business centric programmes and delivery. 

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