The Challenge

Saturday 15th September 2012

Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

The Challenge is designed and managed by Quest TGO Ltd &

The challenge is planned to attract teams of all levels from those who want to have some fun through to the most competitive teams.

The beauty of this challenge is that you make it as hard or as easy as you wish. Parts of the course also have disabled access - contact Quest here for further details.

Flexible Format

For each stage there are a range of checkpoints to visit. Each checkpoint has a value and the winners are those that have accumulated the most points within the time limit.

Navigation between checkpoints is straight forward, with the course set so that you can make use of the many cycle tracks, footpaths and bridleways in each area.

It is up to you how many checkpoints you choose to visit. And you therefore determine the distances you cover. Each checkpoint has a value and the winners are those that have accumulated the most points within the time.

This format gives teams maximum flexibility. You can play to your strengths, choose your own route and even change your race plan midway through!

Running, Biking & Kayaking

The challenge involves three key disciplines trail running, mountain biking and kayaking. There are two stages to the challenge. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each stage is approximately three hours duration with a compulsory lunch break inbetween.

The provided kayaks are very stable and straight forward to use sit on top double kayaks. They are easy to paddle and no previous experience is needed. See a picture of the kayaks that will be used here...

The courses are set to provide a great deal of route choice and to cover the best parts of the event area.

Many teams reach 50-75% of the checkpoints. Only the strongest teams will cover all the checkpoints in any stage and in so doing cover distances of about 10-20 km trail running, 20-30 km mountain biking and 4-7 km of kayaking.

Strategy is Key

The challenge isn’t simply a physical challenge it also requires teams to use their brains. Each stage has a strategic theme and involves cerebral puzzles as well as physical challenges.

In addition to checkpoints there will be a series of revealed bonus and activity points. The bonus points will only be available at certain times during the day so teams will be required to have a clear and well planned strategy if they want to be in with a chance of winning the challenge.

As well as fostering great team spirit and enabling you to raise significant sums of money for charity the challenge is great fun.  

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